Our Services

Semi Independent Living

Wellspring Care Services provides transitional care services to support young care leavers to pursue education, employment or training opportunities and develop core life skills.

Early Intervention

For families who are facing complex and challenging problems, Early Intervention can be crucial in targeting existing challenges and can prevent further problems from arsing out of their circumstance. Our intensive support programmes help to provide the foundations for long term change.

Contact Services

Strong relationships are fundamental to the stability of families and crucial for positive a child’s development and growth. We aim to provide, stimulating and safe contact sessions to encourage families to re-build relationships and develop parental skills.

Wellspring Young People – Leaving Care Services

Wellspring Care Services recognises that the transition for care leavers is very delicate and can have long-term implications on the lives of young people. We believe that it is very important for young people to be given practical, emotional and social skills in order to successfully progress onto independence.

We achieve this through the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework and a Personal Support Plan (PSP). Through this we are able to identify specific target areas, progress levels and achievements; through this we are able to make a good assessment about a young persons independence level.

Service Users We Work With
We have worked and provided care for a wide range of young people with low through to critically high support and supervision needs.

We Provide Services For:

  • Asylum Seekers 16+
  • Refugee Minors Aged 16+
  • Young Expectant Mothers 16+
  • Mother And Babies 16+
  • Young People Leaving Care 16+
  • Young Child And Adults Escaping Abuse 16+
  • Young Offender (Specialising In MAPPA Cases) 16+

We Are Able To Offer Provisions For Young People Who Display:

  • Difficult And Challenging Behaviour
  • Sexualised Behaviour
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse
  • Personality Disorder

What We Offer
WCS offers strong structured methods to achieve independence for our young people through a number of in-house projects and schemes. We concentrate on the individual needs of young people and identify each persons needs through a Personal Support Plan (PSP). Our teams of professionals work in line with the young persons PSP in order to identify appropriate ‘life skill’ and support services. The Person centered care equips and empowers young people to live independently within their community and make a positive contribution to society.

Our Support Package Includes Developing:

  • Independent Skills – Each individual will be helped to develop their skills to perform everyday tasks such as paying bills, cleaning, cooking, shopping, time management etc.
  • Life Skills – Relationship counselling, Coping mechanisms, Parenting skills, Anger Management, Counselling, Time management, Money Management and Savings, Career Advice, etc – We have a team of professionals available to offer counselling and training in order to empower clients to lead a more fulfilling life.
  • School and Further Education Support – We have a list of all the schools and further education establishments within our locality and are able to liaise with them to place our clients. We also offer full support to NEET clients.
  • Healthcare (GP, dentist, opticians, hospital appointments, Health Clinics) – We assist clients in registering at clinics, keeping appointments and accompanying them if required.
  • Legal Support – We assist clients in handling asylum claims or other issues. We also assist in finding appropriate legal representatives and help clients understand British law if they are not familiar with the country’s basic legalities.
  • Cultural and Community Organisations – We will refer clients to local cultural/community organisations that provide support for a variety of cultural groups.
  • Social and Recreational Activities – We help clients to build relationships and feel a sense of community within their surroundings. We will inform them of local cinemas, cafes/restaurants, and social clubs to promote independent living. We also assist young people to access libraries, homework clubs and language clubs etc.
  • Accommodation and Allowances – We are able to administer weekly allowances and clothing allowances to clients on agreement with the referring authority.

How We Work

Professional practitioners, commissioning mangers and social workers make up a majority of our referrals; however we also work with local schools, fostering agencies and charitable organisations. We have established contracts with Local Authorities and private organisations, whilst continuing to work on a spot purchase basis. All referrals have to be submitted to our referrals officer, where they are reviewed and assessed and then a package or agreement is put to client.

Wellspring Care Services can offer a variety of services for children, young adults and families. If you feel that we will be a suitable choice to provide the care services you require, please get in touch.

  • You can email our referrals officer direct at: refferals@wellspringcareservices.com

  • You can fill out a referral form located on our website

  • You can contact our Head Office and talk with us about our services and your requirements on
    020 3427 3774 or 07415692174.
    Our referral line is open 24/7.

Who We Work With

WSC works with a number of Local Authorities across London and the Home Counties.

  • Newham
  • Newham
  • Milton Keynes
  • Harrow
  • Camden
  • Bedford
  • Wandsworth
  • Croydon

Residential Accomodation

Where is it based?
Our accommodations are located in culturally diverse areas within the community. All our projects are centrally situated near good transport links, local amenities, schools and colleges.

How is it monitored?
Most of our accommodation is manned 24/7 by support staff who supervise and provide guidance for all the young people in residence, however when service users do not require intensive support, hours of support are mutually agreed during the referral process.

Health and safety standards
All our accommodation meets with health and safety standards and recommended environmental health standards, including the installation of mains smoke alarms, fire regulated furnishings and safety locks. Our accommodation is equipped with picture emergency evacuation procedures and details of emergency contact numbers. All gas supply and gas appliances are been inspected and certificated by a CORGI gas registered engineers. Our accommodation holds a valid NIC I EIC certificate in respect of the electrical supply in each property. Inspections include an examination of appliances for damage that is likely to be of a hazardous nature and likely to cause injury.

Girton Residential Home

  • Girton Residential Home is an all female semi-independent unit.
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms.
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Communal living area with TV and DVD player.
  • WiFi
  • Games Room
  • Robust Living and dining space that has been adapted to adhere to the needs of our young people.
  • Living space is fully equipped to meet the requirements of young people.
  • Large Garden
  • Onsite parking/street parking

Castle Residential Home

  • Castle Residential Home is a male Semi Independent Unit.
  • This unit contains 4 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Provides and intimate living and dining space for young people
  • Communal living area with a TV
  • On site laundry facilities
  • WiFi
  • Medium sized Garden Space
  • Onsite parking/street parking.

Headstone Residential Home

  • Headstone Residential Home is a female Semi Independent Unit – Specialising in mental heath needs
  • This unit contains 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Provides and intimate living and dining space for young people
  • Communal living area with a TV
  • On site laundry facilities
  • WiFi
  • Street parking.


Early Intervention

What Do We Do?
Wellspring Care Services understands the importance of social investment and recognises how important it is to eliminate the negative consequence of family breakdowns. Through intervening as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their families we are able to reduce the risk of the development of social problems.

What are our aims?

  • Address structural disadvantages
  • Provide interventions aimed at meeting the needs of adults and children simultaneously and tackling multiple sources of stress within the family.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to develop their basic skills
  • Develop parenting skills, especially for young parents and parents of children with behavioural problems.
  • Supporting looked-after children

Contact Services

Wellspring Care Services believes that the development of good relationships is vital in order to provide stability to families and generate positive development in children.

Our child-centred contact services include:

  • Supervised Contact
  • Supported Contact
  • Assessments and Court Reports
  • Escort services
  • Venue hire
  • Transport
  • Activity based contact
  • Indirect contact services

Referral Process

Please see our referral form or contact our head office.

Why Chose WCS

  •  WSC knows exactly what is important for Local Authorities and understands what they are looking for in a provider.
  • We communicate regularly and effectively with commissioners, social workers and other professionals as we believe this is the key to providing a fully rounded care service.
  • WSC aims for high outcomes and achievement for young people. We believe in the importance of investing in young people through supporting them to understand the vast opportunities available to them, promoting individuality and inspiring creativity and ingenuity.
  • WSC offers a quality semi independent for reasonable cost, we also aim to gradually amend packages and reduce our costs as young people grew independent and require less support.
  • WSC works in partnership with a variety of external agencies and professionals and has a pool of resourceful contacts, which can be called on, to provide maximum care and support.
  • WSC has a positive ethos that strives to better the lives of young people in every way possible in order to provide them with the best possible future.

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